By Eugene Ionesco


"The performances are unquestionably striking.  Innocence and knowledge; desire and rage" -



By N.F Simpson


"Strangely Brilliant"

 They perform with heartfelt conviction and take absurdity to meteoric levels..."


hamlet part ii

By perry pontac


"absolutely hilarious! – the actors play it straight and with conviction. seamless."


 the peg review

one was nude

By dario fo


"A raucously dancing, grand, high energy choice FOR the well-paced and clever farce."




By Euripides


"Helen’ is an engaging and unpretentious production, and a reminder that blaming the powerless is the oldest trick in the book."


london pub theatres

if youre glad,

i'll be frank

By tom stoppard


"never has a dull moment. The cast treat Stoppard’s words with the kind of flippancy of which the playwright himself would approve "



london theatre 1

abducting diana

By dario fo


"infectious energy with on comic timing.



political satire on steroids. go see it."


spy in the stalls

a bench at the edge

By luigi jannuzzi


"the level of commitment to the production and that attention to detail is part of what makes this piece so good..."


last minute theatre tickets

the fire raisers

By max frisch


"You can read Trump, Brexit and anything else you want into it. This timely revival captures both the humour and the darkness with new songs and a snappy pace that elides the absurdity."


london pub theatres

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